1.- ORGANIZER: Cevisama International Exhibition for Architectural Ceramics, Bathroom Equipment,Natural Stone, Row Materials, Frits, Glanzes and Colours, Fritas y Maquinaria. (Machinery: even years). 2.- COMPETITION VENUE: 3, – DATE OF EXHIBITION: From the 9th to the 13th of February 2015. 4, – COMPETITION TYPE: There are two areas 1,- CERAMIC DESIGN: ceramic products for architecture that have the following criteria; they should be innovative in terms of shape, aesthetics and function, should offer enhanced decorative potential, be good value for money and show a concern and be produced by a process that is environmentally friendly. Within this area there are two categories. A- CERAMIC TILE PRODUCTS SHAPED BY SEMI DRY PRESSING – This process involves compacting the ceramic powder into tiny particles contained in a rigid cavity by applying pressure in a single direction. B- CERAMIC TILE PRODUCTS SHAPED BY OTHER METHODS. 2, – BATHROOM DESIGN:  “Changing Rooms”. For sport facilities, communities, schools, camping sites and hospitals etc. These rooms serve as a service to various groups of people and are equipped with security and hygiene measures while keeping the latest trends in mind. 5, – CONTESTANTS: The competition is open to students enrolled at Spanish and international schools of design, fine arts, architecture and engineering and to postgraduate and masters students. Students who have graduated before September 2014 may also take part. Individuals or teams may submit entries in this category in one or several areas of specialist design or in their degree subject. In the event of group entry, it is necessary to complete only one application form with the names of the participants. 6. – PRIZES: There will be two prizes available in each category: 1. – CERAMIC DESIGN A- 1st prize – 2,000 € 2nd prize – 1,000 € B- 1st prize – 2,000 € 2nd prize – 1,000 € 2. – BATHROOM DESIGN 1st prize – 2,000 € 2nd prize – 1,000 € The prizes are subject to the applicable tax deductions. 7. JUDGES – They will be appointed by CEVISAMA´S organising committee however they will be autonomous in their decisions. They will determine the winner based on the pieces submitted, drawing up a shortlist of candidates that have fulfilled all the requirements of the competition. The judges will award prizes by unanimous or majority vote. The decision of the judging panel is final. They will provide reasons for why they have allocated each of the prizes. They have the power to revoke any of the prizes if they feel that the designs submitted are not of sufficient quality. Likewise, the judges will pay particular attention to award prizes to designs that are likely to be taken forward to industrial production. 8. ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS: You must send your online application form to the CEVISAMA offices before 31 December 2014, complete with all your personal data in block letters. You can do this through our website www.cevisamalab.com 9. DEADLINE: All competing items must be submitted by the 15th January 2015 and must be sent to FERIA VALENCIA/CEVISAMA. Where items are submitted in person, they must only be delivered on the 15th January 2015 to the warehouse Pavilion 8 between the hours of 09.00-13.30. 10.PRESENTATION: The layout of your design should be presented as a single panel (100 x 70 cm) in vertical format, mounted on an art board (5mm thick) A brief technical summary and a description of how you came up with the ideas for your design, in word processing format no longer than one A4 page, should also be included. No models 11. SHIPPING AND COLLECTION: Competition items should be packaged appropriately and the theme of the project and the category to be entered for the award must be evident from the outside. Inside, in a sealed envelope, you should include the chosen motto for your work and an affidavit stating that the design submitted is the entrants own work and has not previously been entered for any other competition or event other than the competition in question. Furthermore, it is necessary to indicate the monetary value of the item as well as the entrant’s personal information (name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, home address and education establishment where he/she is studying. Items should be collected between the 23-27th of February 2015 between the hours of 09:30-13:30, from the Feria Valencia / Cevisama offices. Any items not collected between the stipulated times mentioned above will be deemed unwanted by the contestant and are subject to disposal by FERIA VALENCIA. Contestants are liable for arranging the return of their designs. Should you wish FERIA VALENCIA to return your design for you, you must request this in writing specifying the address and the preferred transportation courier and pay the cost of the delivery. In the event that you live abroad, the contestant is also responsible for arranging the return of their designs including the transportation courier and the delivery transportation costs. 12. EXHIBITION: The winning designs and those selected by the judges will be exhibited at CEVISAMA (9th to the 13th February) in one of the venue’s pavilions, revealing the judge’s decision before the opening ceremony. The prize-winning entries may be exhibited in future exhibitions. 13. ADVERTISING: The results of the competition will be published in magazines specific to the industry and the designs will be put forward to businesses that may be interested in the work presented.  14. QUERIES: Please call the CEVISAMA offices if you have any queries regarding these rules. FERIA VALENCIA does not accept responsibility for any loss or breakages sustained to an item that occurs during transportation or whilst the item is at the exhibition venue.

Rules Desing Awards

Rules Design Awards